It all started with a Jeep Cherokee and a pop-up camper. That six-week family road trip from West Palm Beach, FL to San Francisco, CA when I was 10 years old cemented my love of travel. From there, it was seven countries in Europe, three years of overseas living in Japan, and countless other trips throughout Asia, Europe, and North America.

I truly believe that travel opens our hearts, our minds, and our eyes. It helps us to appreciate the world's magnificent landscapes, diverse cultures, and amazing wildlife. It allows family and friends to create lifelong memories and to share unforgettable moments. It gives us a sense of wonder and awe. Most of all though, travel unites us and reminds us that we are all a part of something greater.


Meet Kate

Luxury Travel Advisor

After stints in Washington, DC, and Yokosuka, Japan, I'm currently living outside of Fort Lauderdale, FL with my husband and two children. With a background in anthropology, I love exploring new cultures and destinations, and I'm passionate about teaching my children to become global citizens. As the owner of Portkey Travel, I specialize in independent travel, cultural and historical travel, family and multi-generational travel, and soft adventure travel. I'm also a certified travel specialist for both Ireland and Japan. Some of my favorite destinations are Ireland, Japan, England, Hong Kong, Thailand, Canada, and the United States. I also love reading, shopping, and photography.


To provide elevated service and exclusive benefits to individuals, couples, families, and groups by creating custom travel itineraries and authentic experiences.

To do this, I will:

• Connect with you to learn your travel preferences and personal interests

• Design custom itineraries around the destinations and properties best suited for you

• Use my global connections and supplier partners to maximize your Virtuoso benefits whenever possible

• Reserve all travel components such as air, accommodations, tours, cruises, travel insurance, and transfers

• Manage your trip details before, during, and after your travel and troubleshoot any issues that may arise

• Research new properties and destinations to stay abreast of travel trends